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  • 上海友界實業有限公司是一家集研發、生產、銷售于一體的高科技企業。主營產品包括電子紙POP、電子紙手表機芯、電子紙段碼工業顯示器、薄膜開關、柔性電路等薄膜類電子產品
        INKMOVE  is a high technology company with a focus on manufacturing, developing,manufacturing,
    selling E-paper products, such as POP, E-paper watch module, E-paper segment display indicator.
    We have the earliest team working on E-paper industry in China, and confident to provide our customers with advanced, high quality flexible E-paper products,MSK,FPC.
    Our company slogan “To provide customer satisfaction based on pure honesty.”

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